Queensland Independent Cat Council Inc.

Updated 25 May 2024
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QICC Inc. is a non-profit organisation
which provides registration and associated services
for both pedigreed and companion kittens/cats.
Our aim is to promote responsible breeding and ownership.



Royal Canin

TOFU Cat Litter



  1. Individual membership
  2. Open, friendly meetings
  3. Open, friendly and informative shows for pedigreed and companion exhibits
  4. Shows are in either American Style (allowing exhibitors to fully promote their breed to the visiting public) or Australian Open Style
  5. Computerised 4/5 generation registrations for Pedigree kittens
  6. Registration for Companion Pets
  7. Friendly advice and referrals for the pet buyer

QICC Inc wish to advise its members that as of 14 June, 2023 we do not recognize "Cats Australia" a TICA club based in Australia, and will not accept any transfers into or transfers out of the QICC Inc registry as per ACF by-law as stated below:
ACF by-law Part Two sub clause 5.66 "All kittens bred in Australia must be first be registered with a Cat registering body in the state where the kittens are born which is affiliated with an ACF (Inc.), a CCCA body or ANCATS."

All Breeders please be advised that you can email your kitten registrations through to the Registrar email addresses on the website.

Transfers into QICC will still need to be posted to the Registrar as Original Pedigrees are required to accompany the transfer in paperwork.


  • ACF
    AUSTRALIAN CAT FEDERATION (ACF) ACF Inc promotes the welfare of all cats, the responsible and ethical breeding and showing of pedigreed cats, and the showing of neutered and spayed domestic cats.
  • TOFU
    TOFU Cat Litter Australia The First Enzyme Activated Cat Litter in the World.

    Innovatively Developed in Australia with Love and Respect for Animals and Our Land.
  • Departure Pets
    DEPARTURE PETS The Pet Relocation Specialists

    Understanding that relocating a pet can be stressful, Departure Pets is a one to one service that takes care of all of your pet travel needs and we personally guide you through the step by step process.
  • Every Cat
    EVERY CAT HEALTH FOUNDFATION A Winn Feline Foundation Legacy

    The future of feline medicine starts here.
    Winn Feline Foundation is now EveryCat Health Foundation.
    Our vision for cat health and welfare has never been stronger.
  • NZ Cat Fancy
    NEW ZEALAND CAT FANCY INC. The New Zealand Cat Fancy is New Zealand's largest
    national body for cat clubs and their members.
  • Orivet
    ORIVET Genetic Pet Care
    Cat and Dog DNA Testing.

    Orivet's Full Breed Profiles are the most affordable way to test your purebred. Includes all breed specific diseases and traits.
  • Perfect Pets
    PERFECT PETS The Ethical Pet Directory

    Find your perfect pet
    Find eveything it needs
  • Pooches-n-Cream
    POOCHES-N-CREAM Pet Care Products

    Sharing in the Caring
    Australian made and owned
  • Pub Med
    PUB MED US National Library of Medicine
  • Royal Canin
    ROYAL CANIN Find the ideal product for your pet

    Based on almost 50 years of research, Royal Canin develops the best for your animal.
  • Smiley Dog
    SMILEY DOG For Dogs AND Cats

    100% Australian Owned Pet Grooming Manufacturers

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